Why Nicaragua?

Now is the time to discover the new and emerging Nicaragua.This Latin American Jewel is one of the most beautiful countries in Central America. Contrary to popular belief, Nicaragua is a peaceful nation, with current President Daniel Ortega committed to tourism and a free-market economy. This is not a “war strifed” communist, or third world country as many people choose to describe it. There has not been civil disturbances here since 1980 more than 30 years ago!

The New Nicaragua is a safe, friendly country with warm people and rapidly attracting international vacationers, eco-tourists, retirees and investors from all over the world.   A recent study by the Inter-American Institute on Human Rights and a survey of police forces in the Americas shows that Nicaragua is the safest country in Central America and one of the safest countries in the world. In September  2012, Nicaragua was  dubbed the safest travel destination in Central America,  after recording the lowest homicides in the region last year. If you have been contemplating retiring overseas you owe it to yourself to consider visiting or retiring in Leon, Nicaragua, a graceful city filled with old world colonial charm. New hotels, resorts, restaurants and bars are also opening up on the  pacific coast and around  colonial cities, like Granada and San Juan Del Sur.


Nicaragua is tucked in sharing a border to the north with Honduras, and to the south with Costa Rica. It’s surrounded to the east with the Caribbean Sea and to the west with the Pacific Ocean.

Nicaragua,  also known as the land of “Lakes and Volcanoes”, is the largest country in Central America. Managua, the capital is located on the Pacific side and has been the capital since 1852. The country is well known for its colonial cities that are very well preserved until today. Granada and León are two of the most beautiful representations of the colonial architecture and the oldest cities in the western hemisphere.


Nicaragua has a diverse climate, due to the mountains that run diagonally through Central America from northwest to southeast. Nicaragua’s climate varies according to altitude. The Pacific lowlands are always  hot, but the air is fresh and the countryside green during the rainy season (May to November); the dry season (December to April) is typically windy and dry.

The Caribbean coast is hot and wet; it can rain heavily even during the brief dry season (March to May). The mountains of the north are much cooler than the lowlands. Cities such as Jinotega, Matagalpa and Esteli maintain temperatures in the 50′sF(10c). The average annual temperature is 27C.(80F)

Tourism figures for this country have been rising in the last few years, and Nicaragua celebrated a milestone in 2010 with more than a million tourists crossing its borders for the first time ever. About 5,000 expats, almost half of those from the United States, have chosen to settle here indefinitely. The Nicaraguan government has put the welcome mat out for visitors and retirees with a wide range of incentives.

Earlier last year the government increased expat retiree benefits and tax exemptions that will save investors thousands of dollars. Decree 694 from the Nicaraguan National Assembly was passed in order to better compete with programs currently offered in other Central American countries. These new incentives are similar to programs Costa Rica laid out in the 1980’s that attracted thousands of retired North Americans. People who are 45 and over who have a monthly income of at least $600 can take advantage of such perks as duty free imports of personal goods and vehicles and tax exemptions on real estate purchases.

You may have found yourself thinking that it’s time to find the perfect weather, where you never again have to shovel snow, scrape ice from your windows, or heat your house. Have you wondered where or how you could live more luxuriously than you ever could at home, for a fraction of the cost. Or perhaps you long to find more time to spend with your family, to write that book you’ve always thought about writing, or to spend your mornings fishing or snorkeling, or taking strolls along the beach. Could it be that you have health concerns and would like to change your eating habits/lifestyle? Eat healthier foods? Or maybe you are just a free spirit and would love to find another place….just for the adventure of it!  Or you might be one of those people that long to learn a new language, make new friends, and explore a new world.

For clients who enjoy tropical weather and exotic surroundings, Nicaragua may be the next best, if not more authentic, alternative to travel to Costa Rica.”
       ~ TravelAge West

If you’re interested, we can give you even more excellent reasons to explore a new life in Nicaragua. Whether you’re interested in vacationing, retiring, starting a new business or investing in the unbelievably lucrative opportunities that are unfolding here now.

Nicaragua is on the cusp of becoming Latin America’s latest ‘it’ destination….Whether you want your trip amped up or over-easy, this emerging destination delivers.”
       ~ Doctor’s Review Magazine, January 2011

Nicaragua creates a mysterious and magical destination for vacation travelers young and old. Curious but savvy world travelers are gradually starting to seek out the picturesque landscape of Nicaragua with its miles of white sandy beaches, rain forests and rugged mountains. Slowly but surely, new  luxury hotels, resorts, restaurants and spas are creating new landscapes here. It is highly unlikely  the folks at Wyndham Resorts would be set to unveil a world class resort and casino here, if they thought civil war was going to break out at any moment. http://info.grupomariana.com/seaside-mariana-wyndham-nicaragua-resort-casino

So forget what you’ve heard, and come see this emerging paradise for yourself and you’ll see why Nicaragua!

If you are interested in travel to  the NEW Nicaragua, but not quite sure where to start, email us and we would be happy to give you more information.


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