Did you say Nicaragua??

Many people who have not traveled extensively outside their home nations in recent years may have images of life in nations like Nicaragua that are no longer relevant. Some folks expect to find a nation that is predominantly rural with most of its people struggling to make a living on little farms. Or perhaps there are some that picture a country with streets filled with uniformed soldiers patrolling through towns with heavy artillery and land rovers.

Nicaragua is a beautiful country with friendly people eager to show the remarkable changes happening within the country. Leon, is a quaint city with amazing architecture and an influx of Americans and other foreigners who are being drawn to this part of the country.

As History played out, a Sandinistan Revolution began in 1979. The United States (being such a close neighbor) intervened with the revolution, sponsoring many anti-Sandinistan contra guerrillas through much of the 1980’s. Free elections came around in the late 90’s and in 2001 the Sandinistas were voted out and defeated in a democratic election process. Now post conflict, the country has stabilized politically. The economy is now growing at a rapid pace and Nicaragua is learning from its neighbor Costa Rica and has begun an unprecedented promotion of tourism as a main form of income for many of its lesser fortunate people.

Nicaragua has a magnificant coast line on the Pacific coast. Just like its next door neighbor Costa Rica, Nicaragua is blessed with volcanos, ecological wonders, rainforests, jaw dropping landscapes, breathtaking beaches, modern cities with great infrastructure and a fascinating history. In Leon, you’ll find English speaking guides, hotel employees,serving in restaurants and stores. You’ll find it to be a wonderful and vibrant city with open air markets and lots of great museums. a must see on your visit is The Cathedral of León, the largest cathedral in Central America.

As a whole, The Nicaraguan people are warm hearted and welcoming. If you are even just considering a trip to a new country or pondering a relocation or retirement; Or perhaps you are just looking for a vacation home, I urge you to not pass up the opportunity to visit Nicaragua.


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