Best New Honeymoon Destinations-Central America!

When choosing a honeymoon destination a lot of things need to be considered. Besides Cost, the next biggest concern is where is the most romantic spot you can go to start a new life together? Maybe she loves sun, sea, spa’s and lots of relaxation. And maybe He would choose a place that offers a little adventure, sports, jungle attractions but all wrapped in a romantic package – Central America has the mix you are looking for.

Central America is all about several beautiful countries full of eco-adventures, nature, unspoiled romantic beaches,snorkeling, surf, beautiful sunsets, exotic food and the best lodgings for any couple’s budget.

Places like Belize, Honduras and Costa Rica are being discovered more by couples choosing potential honeymoon destinations. If you are planning your special time together on a budget, you can spoil yourselves silly in Nicaragua, with dozens of great spots you never even dreamed of before now. Choosing the perfect lodging could take a little research, Although I would suggest you avoid chain resorts, because you’ll find so many off the hook boutique lodges and hotels and even cozy bed and breakfasts to make your honeymoon even more romantic.

Eco conscious destinations like Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Belize are hot right now,and you’ll find prices are much lower than on most of the Caribbean islands (even with an all inclusive resort) and Central American destinations appeal to couples with a sense of adventure.

Nearly every country you find will have resorts that boast all-inclusive packages, which include anything from lavish accommodations to quaint lodgings at huge discounts and with special offers. Such resorts provide countless in house specialties like spas, leisure rooms, unique cuisines, elite dining services and elaborate living arrangements for longer term stays.

Since Central America is quickly becoming the “New Riviera” you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what luxuries you can afford even on the tiniest of budgets.

Most hotels, offer great tour packages to get out and explore if you are not that comfortable doing it on your own. If you plan on staying for longer periods, say 2 weeks or more renting a car is a great way to explore the country on your own terms and more intimately and also get to places that half the fun is getting there.


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