Nicaragua – Expect The Unexpected!

Now that all the dust has settled down after the recent re-election of president Daniel Ortega this past month, Nicaragua has been thrown into the international spotlight once again. Publicity is good for the largest country in Central America but also one of the most overlooked in terms of natural beauty and vacation value.

Savvy travelers know a bargain when they find one and many are discovering the hidden treasures in Nicaragua. Enough can’t be said about this tropical paradise.

Nicaragua is an incredibly beautiful country with wonderfully diverse geography. The country covers slightly less area than the state of New York but does not limit it to small and uninteresting – quite to the contrary! Because there has been relatively little high rise development in the country, you will still be able to enjoy many of the natural wonders that it has to offer. Much of the backdrops of the country show volcanoes that only add to the amazing geography of Nicaragua.

In today’s global travel experiences very few countries can boast such an authentic character and culture as Nicaragua. Nicaragua’s unjustly negative image has unwittingly served to preserve its charm from the hordes of mass tourism. In addition, the legendary hospitality of the Nicaraguan people is obvious to all who visit today and has been noted by visitors to Nicaragua for centuries. Only the most jaded of travelers will not feel the warmth of the Nicaraguan people.


Most people find they discover quite unexpectedly that Nicaragua’s culture breaths poetry, the unrivaled national passion, which has produced some of the most important poets in the history of the Spanish language, such as Ruben Dario. Considered to be the prince of poetry and the one poet that had the most lasting influence on 20th century Hispanic poetry.


Another delightful surprise to most first-time visitors is that Nicaragua’s food is amongst the finest in Latin America with an emphasis put on fresh ingredients and generous servings. A generous Lobster dinner will set you back about $5 (US). In addition to the numerous fresh fruits that one would find in the tropics, grilled meats and fresh fish are complimented by local made cheeses, vine-ripened vegetables, hand made tortillas, fresh fruit drinks, local beers and Nicaragua’s world famously smooth rum.


For outdoor enthusiasts, Beautiful unspoiled turquoise beaches, sport fishing, golf, canopy tours, scuba diving, and boating offer exciting activities and memorable experiences. Deep sea fishing in Nicaragua is considered to be the best in Central America where the Pacific Ocean offers exceptional opportunities to catch Marlin and other favorite catches. Nicaragua also offers a myriad of cultural activities, ranging from theatre to religious sites. Every region of the country boasts their own unique celebrations, and every month of the year there is a tradition being celebrated.


Nicaragua has many fine hotels that offer a range of accommodations for every budget, from luxury resorts to bed and breakfasts to Hostels. Every major hotel brand has properties here and some of the most beautiful resorts in Central America are located here.

Once you arrive here expect the unexpected and experience Nicaragua as it will be forever edged into your heart!


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  1. Tee Jay says:

    Excellent!! I couldn’t agree with this article more. I discovered Nicaragua last year and have spent about 3 months there so far. Actually I’m headed there tomorrow for six weeks. I have traveled much of the world and have not met a friendlier people than Nicas. Great job – You have nailed it !


    As a Nicaraguan I am very grateful to you. Your enthusiastic commentaries about my country will be very useful for tourist looking for a new experience. I would like to remark some special place to visit in Leon: Hervideros de San Jacinto; playa de Poneloya; Leon Viejo, Cerro Negro and downtown: Museo Ruben Dario e Catedral de Leon.
    Thank you very, very much

    1. coolcaroline says:

      Thank you Leo, you can’t help but fall in love with Nicaragua!

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