Nicaragua-Wish You Were here!

Nicaragua is a land of contrasts, and is poorly known by most Americans. It is not far from the United States, but most Americans can’t even imagine its beautiful volcanoes. They don’t know that Lake Nicaragua covers an area of 3185 square miles (8250 sq. km), about half as large as the Great Salt Lake, and is about 100 miles (165 km) long! And most Americans think of all of the tropics as “jungle,” not realizing that areas such as the western half of Nicaragua are fairly warm and dry and would remind them much more of New Mexico than of a Tarzan movie. This Central American country once known as a poverty-ridden war zone, now offers one of the most popular destinations for investment in the region. American businesses as well as individuals are lining up to buy land for sale and set up shop in the region.

Pathfinder Says Nicaragua Is The Place To Be
The Pathfinder Alert, which regularly reaches thousands of interested subscribers, declares in a recent feature that Nicaragua is “one of the most undervalued coastlines on earth.” If this keeps up, the whole world is finally going to become aware of what’s waiting here in the New Nicaragua.

Tourism was a non existent industry just 10 years ago,but is now the country’s top earner. Also, after a 20 year absence, three large passenger cruise ship carriers are now docking regularly in the beach towns of San Juan del Sur and Corinto. It’s time to think clearly and act quickly, because as the word is spreading and it’s mostly from individuals who say they know what happened in Costa Rica and Panama over the last two decades, and that they don’t want to miss another opportunity to discover and explore all the wonderful possibilities that exist in this country. In Nicaragua today there is an opportunity to catch a positive growth trend before the rest of the world catches on.

Beautiful Locales
If you are looking to vacation far away from the crowded beaches in most of the developed world, Nicaragua is a little-explored, pristine paradise with clean beaches, lush green rainforests and majestic mountains.The Aztecs, Mayas and other pre-colonial civilizations once thrived here and left a rich legacy in the form of ancient ruins and artifacts. In the 14th century, the Spanish colonized the region and cities such as León contain beautiful old colonial style villas and buildings.

Historic León
León has always been one of the most important cities in Nicaragua, both from an economical and cultural perspective. The city once functioned as the capital city after Nicaragua declared independence from Spain in 1821. León and Granada both fought for the title of capital city, but Managua later become the city with the honor.There are some 28 colonial churches in León. Other attractions in the area include the beaches known as Poneloya and Las Peñitas and are nearby beaches that offer sun, sand and several places to eat, drink and enjoy. If you are an adventurous spirit you can try sandboarding and sand skiing down the slope of the volcano el Cerro Negro, one of the newest on earth as it was formed by an eruption in 1850. The largest volcano is called Momotombo which a height of 1300 meters is visible from any way you approach León.

No visit to León is complete without visiting the Cathederal. The Cathedral of León, also known as the Real e Insigne Basilica Catedral de León Nicaragua. The Cathedral was awarded World Heritage Site status with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The site’s nomination is Nicaragua’s third cultural landmark, following the ruins of León Viejo and El Güegüense.

Ok,So why visit Nicaragua? Because the people are welcoming and are as unspoiled as the landscape they inhabit. Clearly a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of the big city’s daily grind. It’s a nice place to invest, and even nicer to visit.


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