Nicaragua-A Surfer’s Paradise!

Dustin Fields

In just 2 days from now hundreds of the best over-35-year-old surfers from nearly 24 nations will walk the streets of Rivas, Nicaragua, waving their national flags during the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Nicaragua ISA World Masters Surfing Championship. Among the countries participating will be Australia, wearing their traditional Bushman hats, geared up to begin competition and hoping to reclaim the Team Gold Medal which was their prize just two years ago. The team finished in fifth place last year at the competition held in El Salvador.

Nicaragua ISA World Masters Surfing Championship
July 14 to 22, 2012
Colorado Beach at Hacienda Iguana, Nicaragua

It has been said that Surfing has the ability to transform. It transforms us as individuals, turning us into active participants in the ocean, and active defenders of its health and survival. It would seem then that Surfing also has the ability to transform a community, a region and even a country like Nicaragua – even if it’s in a small way. The government of Nicaragua, and its Tourism Department, (INTUR) are bringing the ISA World Masters Surfing Championship to its shores this month, as part of their transformation plan for their country. Nicaragua is undergoing a transformation unlike anything the world could imagine. And this is just a small part of that change.

This event featuring top notch, elite-level athletes will bring the spotlight on Nicaragua on a national and international media level.The wave at Colorado beach was selected because of its world-class caliber. It’s ideal in tides both high and low, and offers both lefts and rights, barrels and sections for big turns and aerials. It will challenge the talents of five-time world champion Tom Curren (USA), four-time world champion Juan Ashton (PUR), and two-time world champion Heather Clark (RSA).

For those outside of the surfing community who didn’t know, “Nicaragua is among the ten top countries in the world for the best waves and beaches for surfing. The Ministry of Tourism of Nicaragua and the organizers of this event are excited that now the world will know that this country is ready to receive surfers from around the globe. “The media exposure the country will gain from this World Championship is going to be very important for Nicaragua. After this event, the country is going to witness a quality change in the surfing segment for which we are getting prepared with infrastructure, lodging, surfing schools, etc. All these is going to have an important impact in the local economy of the area”, remarked the Minister of Tourism Mario Salinas recently.

Nicaragua is by no means new to surfing. Traveling surfers have been coming to the west coast of the country for years to ride the impressive array of waves available, most of which are nicely groomed by the “Lake Nicaragua Effect”, which causes the winds to blow off-shore almost year-round.

Be sure to check in to for further updates about the event as they are released.


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