Nicaragua-Don’t Miss the Boat!

I don’t know about you, but It can make one nauseous from watching news reports about the impending global financial crisis. Sometimes it makes you feel like you just want to pack a suitcase, and just take the next plane to SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE to get away from all the uncertainty and mental confusion.

Surely you have or you know someone who has done something really daring and adventurous in their life and have remarked “Wow I didn’t ever imagine I would be doing this” etc.

Nicaragua is a place with many special qualities, its people are endearing, the lessons you learn from them are inspiring, and it’s truly a land of rapid change. If you are old enough to remember back in the 70s and 80s places like Costa Rica, The Bahamas, Jamaica, Aruba, were all once the top vacation and retirement destinations in the world. These countries have welcomed millions of people from all corners of the earth and now Nicaragua has set its sights on being added to that list. It is amazing to comment on, but just 5 years ago, Nicaragua would have been the LAST place you would have even considered to spend a vacation, much less buy a vacation home.And to this day there are still many that believe Nicaragua is a war torn, ravaged third world country with little infrastructure. You would probably be surprised to see shopping malls in Managua that look like ones you would find in places like Miami. Nicaragua continues to be a tropical paradise for those in search of the exotic and undiscovered. Speaking of tourism, 60 cruise ships visit Nicaragua on average between the months of October and May. This is up 62% from 2007. INTUR the national tourism ministry and the Government hope to bring this number up to 100 in the next couple of years.

Places like Ometepe Island, Padres Ramos Estuary in Chinandega and the Volcanoes are increasingly popular and the Corn Islands, just off the coast of Nicaragua forms part of the Caribbean Islands and offers sailing, scuba diving and sport fishing opportunities.

By the year 2000, tourism in Nicaragua was generating $250 million per year and is became the fourth biggest source of income for the country. In the last ten years, inflation has gone from more than 10,000% to 10% and foreign investment has risen to an amazing 100 million dollars.Nicaragua is bouncing back from its troubled and often misunderstood past and beginning to transform into a sought after investment and tourism destination.The profile of visitors has shown a shift from budget tourists to more affluent and sophisticated travellers and higher-end hotels in tourist areas are showing consistently higher occupancy rates. There is strong real estate market right now for retirement as well as vacation homes.Those in the know say that over the next 10 years the baby boomer generation will likely constitute the largest potential market ever for real estate products, especially second homes and timeshare/fractional ownership offerings in this country.

Can you see where Nicaragua is heading?

Because anyone who is in the market right now for a place to live, retire, invest, or do business overseas…and who isn’t looking closely at what Nicaragua has to offer…is truly missing the boat.


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