Happy Birthday Nicaragua!

They call Nicaragua The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes.it the second poorest country in the hemisphere after Haiti. Well this country home to  5.5 million people, But Nicaragua is far from impoverished. Rich in natural beauty and culture, it’s the perfect setting for an extraordinary travel adventure. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua was first discovered by Europeans when Christopher Columbus arrived from Honduras and explored the eastern coast on his fourth voyage in 1502.The history of Nicaragua remained relatively static for three hundred years following the conquest. There were minor civil wars and rebellions, but they were quickly suppressed. The region was subject to frequent raids by Dutch, French and British pirates.  Nicaragua became a part of the Mexican Empire and then gained its independence as a part of the United Provinces of Central America in 1821, then as an independent republic in its own right in 1838. After a long Family dictatorship, A US Backed occupation, civil war, and relatively peaceful democratic political stability, Nicaragua is emerging as one of the hottest new tourist destinations in central America and Indeed, Nicaragua is a country whose tourism slogan promises a “unique and original” experience. Currently in 3rd place as the most visited destination, tourism numbers are increasing but cautiously. Nicaragua is taking lessons from its next door neighbor to the south Costa Rica on how to attract tourists that will stay longer. Nicaragua is one of Central America’s jewels.  The is a great diversity here in every sense of the word. Beautiful Landscapes, volcanoes, beaches but most importantly the warm and welcoming people are the best reason to visit Nicaragua.

Nicaragua shares its Independence Day with four other Central American countries— Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, andHonduras—all of which declared their independence from Spain on September 15, 1821. This year marks 191 years of freedom from Spanish Rule.

Every year, during the patrimonial month, of September a burning torch travels through Central America, from Guatemala to Costa Rica, transported by feet and going from hand to hand in every one of the countries. The torch reaches “Las Manos”, the Nicaraguan border with Honduras, on September 11, and is exchanged between the ministers of Education from Honduras and Nicaragua (in the morning). The torch then starts to travel the country over the Pan American Highway, and it goes from hand to hand by the best students from the schools of each municipality and other outstanding individuals who will each run with the torch for no more than 100 meters. The total run is 387 kilometers and it involves more than 8 thousand students. The entire month of September is devoted to various activities centered around the birth of a new nation.

After  undergoing internal strife and  politics which have made headlines for decades, Nicaragua has transformed itself into one of the safest and fastest-growing countries in Latin America.

As the minister of tourism Mario Salinas recently said “Nicaragua is Nicaragua”. Happy Birthday Nicaragua! May you have many more!


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