Nicaragua-Nice at Night!

Nicaragua night life offers options for almost everyone. From the crowded clubs and discos of Managua to a festive and lively beach scene on the west coast of Nicaragua where you can get a cold beer for around a dollar, you”ll find night activities to suit any tastes. Dancing is definitely an essential part of the Nicaraguan culture. Some of the nightlife in Nicaragua rivals clubs that you’d find in popular destinations such as Punta Cana, while other Nicaraguan bars are more relaxed hangouts that are perfect for getting a drink after a day of exploring area volcanoes or surfing the beaches. Downtown San Juan del Sur is best known for its non stop party atmosphere on the main strip.

The nightly party atmosphere lives in the beach town of San Juan del Sur. From upscale bars with a dress code to seedy buildings where a shirt and shoes are optional, the downtown strip will have something for everyone. Crowds gather on the streets to watch local bands and salsa dancing competitions. A mix of people, young and old, hop from bar to bar to meet up with friends  or make new ones. The bars and clubs in San Juan del Sur are open almost all night, so no matter what time of night you decide to go out, a great party is just waiting to happen.

An alternative to the lively bar scene of downtown San Juan del Sur are the beaches that line the west coast of Nicaragua. While most people think of beaches as a place to enjoy during the day, Nicaraguans know that the nightlife of San Juan del Sur and Rivas beaches is where it’s at. The small locally owned bars don’t have air conditioning or an upscale decor, but they are known for serving up fresh cocktails, margaritas, and nice cold beer. The ambience at the other nearby beaches is a bit more laid back than the noisy bar scene of San Juan del Sur, but can become very lively when a Nicaraguan holiday comes around. It’s common to see fireworks, street vendors, and people simply enjoying a sunset over the pacific on a nice Nicaraguan night.

Just a short distance away some of the most active nightlife in Nicaragua can be found in the city of Granada. Granada is known for the laid back attitudes of its residents, so it’s no wonder that Nicaragua bars in Granada are so much fun. El Club is one of the most popular night clubs in that part of the country for non stop dancing. The bar hosts all kinds of drink specials and feature DJs and live music. If your vacation in Granada is in mid-August get ready  for a spectacular street celebration. The street celebration is called “Hipica” and is the place to go to hear live music, eat Nicaraguan cuisine, and see a parade of horses and performers. It’s fun and most importantly safe for all members of the family.

If you would like to have a real Jamaican experience, then you may want to check out the Caribbean coast and the town of Bluefields. Nights come alive here with lots of Reggae, and eclectic mix of music that will make you feel like you are on a small Caribbean island. Again as in many major tourist areas in Nicaragua, caution is advised when venturing out at night.

If your vacation in Nicaragua starts in the capital city of Managua, Instead of  trekking out to other cities and heading out of town, stay in Managua for a night or two to check out prime Nicaragua night life in the bustling  capital city.

While most of the clubs and discos in Nicaragua cater to a younger crowd, you’ll find yourself feeling like you blend in once you experience the music and have had a couple of Toñas. If night clubs aren’t your style, head to one of the several casinos in Managua and the surrounding area. If you are more of an artsy person or maybe you are travelling with family then you will definitely want to check out  The Rubén Darío National Theatre which  hosts regular concerts, exhibitions and cultural performances. Managua also has several cinemas with first run movies, in both Spanish and English. There are several shopping malls in Managua that usually open until around 9pm at night.  Managua also features many “Gentleman’s clubs for those that are so inclined. The downside to nightlife in Managua is that crime is at a high during the nighttime hours and much precaution should be taken when venturing out at night. Taxis are recommended for transportation and walking alone at night is highly discouraged.

We highly suggest you check out the great atmosphere in College town León. It just so happens that like Managua there is a Zona Rosa where you will find most of the great bars and restaurants. You’ll find foreigner friendly bars like Luna Roja and Gecko{s or La Olla Quemada which have live music most weekends.

Throughout Nicaragua   there are annual fiestas  held in a saints honor, and these fiestas are fun-filled  celebrations. There are often parades, dances, and religious ceremonies, followed by rockets, firecrackers, and partying that  often goes until the early hours of the morning

Nicaragua is a country full of many surprises. It is a country that  is not only naturally beautiful, but is culturally colorful and alive. While walking in the streets or relaxing after an afternoon meal, you can feel the beats of the Nicaraguan culture. This is the best time to check out Nicaragua, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


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    nice write up, leon is a great town

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