Holiday Wishes From Nicaragua!

In Nicaragua  you’ll experience a different kind of Christmas vacation with temperatures averaging  80 degrees, and wonderful beaches and hiking volcanoes to explore and enjoy.

The Nicaraguan Culture is rich with ancient tradition, heavily influenced by Spanish customs.  Like in many countries around the world, Christmas is a very special and festive time for Family and friends to get together and celebrate and look forward to the new year.

Giving away small gifts including Religious items are popular in Nicaraguan culture. Gifts are normally opened on December 24th, and a traditional homemade meal of Nacatamales is common. Massive fireworks displays can be seen throughout the country, usually starting at midnight.

Christmas in Nicaragua  officially begins on December 6, with religious activities such as the Griteria and on December 16 with a religious reenactment of Mary & Joseph seeking shelter.

If you are visitng Nicaragua during the holidays you will get to see a a decades old tradition of La Gigantona &  The Pepe Cabezón. A uniquely Nicaraguan Christmastime tradition.  In León multiple Gigantonas can be seen on any given evening with  the sound of drums that accompany the huge puppets wild dancing.  Troupes of young teenagers crisscross the city, carrying the larger-than-life-size papier-mâché puppets. They stop at houses in each neighborhood and act out the story of la Gigantona y el Pepe for donations of about a dollar.   The doll represents a tall and husky Spanish woman (hence la Gigantona) and the short but smart indigenous man, el Pepe ( cabezón, or big-headed.)  The story symbolizes the mixing of Spanish and Catholic traditions and indigenous beliefs.  The Gigantona is twisted in a dance wildly back and forth as el Pepe bobs his huge head up and down.  Meanwhile, another teen recites coplas, or poetic sayings, in a loud voice to the bystanders.


Overall, the Nicaraguans are a people with limited financial  resources, but what makes it so special to be here during this time of the year is that despite their circumstances, they are always full of excitement and the hope that the new year will bring change and new possibilities.

Truly, there is the best of both worlds in Nicaragua. You could spend your holidays with family on a quiet secluded beach enjoying amazing sunrises and sunsets or in the city where the festivities and excitement build as the New Year approaches.

We invite you to Come experience the holidays in Nicaragua!

Have a wonderful Holiday Celebration and we look forward to seeing you here in Nicaragua soon or in the new Year!



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