Sun,Sand, Cerveza! The Beaches of León

A recent article published by CNN  awarded the beaches of Nicaragua’s Little Corn Island among the 100 best in the world. Blessed with views of the Caribbean sea Atlantic and pacific  oceans, Nicaragua has the …… The Pacific coastline in Nicaragua possesses some of the most beautiful beaches in the country with a variety of shades. You ‘ll discover some beaches have white sand but those closest to the active volcano chains are often dark. DSCN3472

Poneloya and Las Peñitas

The beaches of Poneloya are  located only 20 kilometers (about 13 miles) from the city of  León and popular among tourists. The name Poneloya comes from the Sutiava indigenous tribe and means “small seeds”. Las Peñitas  comes from Peña, meaning “rocky outcrop” or “rocky summit” The area was originally populated by several  indigenous groups and play a role in any transfer of property titles.

In the center of this quaint but sometimes bustling fishermen’s village you will find vacation houses and seafood restaurants right at beach-side. You can also practice horseback riding on the beach. There are kayaking tours, and a wonderful spot to learn how to surf, with some of the best surfing instructors in the country located right in town. The less touristy village Las Peñitas is situated next to Poneloya. From here you can take a boat to visit the Juan Venado Island. Relaxation will be the highlight of your trip to either location.

In actuality, Poneloya and Las Peñitas is one big beach divided into two parts. Both having equal amounts of territory for bathing and fishing but Las Peñitas is definitely the most visited beach by locals and tourists alike.

Unlike other beach destinations in Nicaragua such as San Juan Del Sur, the atmosphere in Poneloya is  very laid back with many restaurants  and hostels available for inexpensive accommodations. Most restaurants serve fresh seafood and local cuisine.. Lodgings range from $8 per person for dorm rooms to $55 per night for a private standard room..


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