5 Things You Won’t Find In Nicaragua

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There is so much to see and do in this central american gem that it makes sense to list a few things you won’t find here.


The Nicaraguans are some of the friendliest you will find in Latin America. Despite the fact that Nicaragua has the least amount of residents that speak English in both Central and South America you will find them to be warm and generous for the most part. One thing you will find that may make you feel a bit uncomfortable is that Nicaraguans are not big on privacy If you meet someone for the first time, personal questions such as place of origin or your marital status are totally acceptable.  As a visitor to Nicaragua, you will enjoy the natural beauty of the  landscape and you’ll be impressed by the welcoming spirit of its people. Due to their unique revolutionary period in history, a large portion of the Nicaraguan population have an exceptional awareness of political, social, and economic issues and a  willingness to discuss many topics in an open-minded way.


Still don’t understand why anyone who wants to have a authentic central american experience would want to spend their vacation time going to a restaurant or bar Reminiscent of your country of origin. Whats the point?


Unfortunately the people of Nicaragua have a long way to go in terms of preserving their exotic wildlife.  Eating wildlife such as Iguanas, and turtle eggs are an important source of food/income for poor rural families. Beef and pork are rare treats, saved for large festivities or for selling to market.vendors. The practice of eating any animal considered wildlife is illegal, but hardly ever enforced by authorities. So if you are looking to see Sloths and Monkeys walking freely through towns and villages, you’ll be very disappointed. However some of the landscapes with exotic flora and fauna you will see here will take your breath away


As in most countries in Central America, the majority of people either walk, take a bus or ride a bicycle and they have absolutely nothing to be in a hurry about.  Welcome to a very slow paced mentality Visiting Nicaragua means a chance to get away from the grind and slow down your life. Aside from the fast paced and hectic nature of the capital city Managua once you venture out the rest of the country you will find it manages to hold on to it’s slow-paced charm.

5. Dr Pepper

Most major supermarkets in Nicaragua especially in places like San Juan del Sur, Managua or Leon carry a wide variety of imported (North American ) products. Expect to pay a lot more for these items though due to heavy import fees tacked on to the price. But overall you will find modern convenient shopping malls and supermarkets with just about  everything else your heart (or stomach) may desire.


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