Nicaragua-Making Dreams Come True


Just this past week another article surfaced touting Nicaragua as one of the best retirement destinations for 2014. Earlier this year the country was named one of the top 10 vacation destinations, then a few months later one of the best budget vacation destinations.

So in less than a year Nicaragua has gone form a place you MAY want to visit to a place you Definitely want to consider retiring to. 2014 will be the year that more people than ever will make the decision to invest or retire in a country other than their own. The thousands of tourists that visited the country this year for the first time will tell you that they were pleasantly surprised with what they discovered here. The beaches, the volcanoes, the people, the culture, their safe travel adventure left them with  pleasant memories.  There were many of them that had saved for a dream vacation  and visited Nicaragua even though it wasn’t the first place on their list of dream destinations.

But the other side to this phenomena is that the  the majority of Nicaraguans are not quite sure what all this fame and fortune means to them and how it could/will affect their daily lives. The government has been involved in great promotional activities to boost tourism from an external and Internal point of view.

If you have not had the pleasure of visiting and would like to add Nicaragua as a possible Dream vacation there are lots of great resources to tap into. Online, you can consult the various traveler resources like Intur, Trip Advisor, Frommers, etc. to get reviews on lodgings and places to visit. Also follow the many articles and resources located here to help get your vacation plans started.

As we wind down 2013 and look forward to the leap into 2014  we  wish you all the the best for the holidays and look forward to meeting you and treating you to a magical place called Nicaragua-where its making dreams come true!



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