Nicaragua-Relocation Tips


Now that Nicaragua is officially one of the newest destinations for expats, its a great opportunity to offer a few tips on how to make your relocation a successful one.


Relocating to another country comes with a few challenges. In Nicaragua, the official language spoken is Spanish. Locations where you will find plentiful English speakers is very limited. It is recommended before you consider relocating here you come with a basic level of Spanish.

Art the very least you can have the most basic conversation with a non-English speaker.It is rare to find public institutions in Nicaragua that have bilingual employees,so you may encounter difficulties doing transactions without a translator.



Nicaragua is located in a tropical zone and there are only two distinct seasons. The dry season (December through May and the wet season (June through November).The hottest and driest months are  usually the months of April through June close to the end of the dry season. During the rainy season showers normally come in the afternoons, and most often heavily at night. In the Pacific region, the average temperatures range between 25 and 33 Celsius (80’s-90’s Fahrenheit). The central highlands average temperature is a bit cooler depending on the altitude, and the Caribbean coast is quite humid with some areas reporting up to 33 inches  of rainfall annually. Area such as Esteli and Matagalpa maintain cooler temperatures than places like Chinandega or Leon. These are factors t take into consideration when choosing a location to live.


Nicaraguans overall are a friendly people and always willing to help others. They tend to be very family oriented with children living with parents way into their late adulthood. Leon has many traditional holidays and traditions and you will Nicas are always ready to celebrate and be festive.The city of Leon offers a completely different lifestyle for those looking to relocate. It has a small expat community with the majority of residents living in the beach areas of Poneloya and other small beach enclaves just outside of the city. Outdoor vendors and taxis are plentiful and for less than a dollar you can travel from one end of the city to the next.


One great thing about living in Central America is the availability of fresh foods. Nicaragua is blessed with fertile soil and produces around 80% of all their food crops. Fresh fruit and vegetable are plentiful and organic foods even though not as plentiful are available in most locations. Food is relatively cheap and you would be amazed at how far your food dollars can stretch. With the Cordoba hovering at 25.15 per dollar you could eat a healthy filling lunch for around 3 bucks.  There are large grocery stores in Leon  with American Standards and you can find just about anything you like. Bear in mind though many of the American  imported brands come with a bit heavier pricetag than local products. An array of restaurants will keep you happy if you are inclined to eat out often..

Of course there are many more things you may want to consider before planning relocation.  Thousands of people are now contemplating a relocation to this popular Central American destination. Take the time to visit and see how your lifestyle fits into the Nica lifestyle Make sure you consult with us at The Leon Travel Bureau for reputable and professional relocation advice. We can make sure the place you choose fits your lifestyle dream and is worth the expense of a move.


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