Nicaragua-So Hot Right Now !

Move over costa Rica! There is a new star in the spotlight that has slowly blossomed into the new favorite central American Travel destination. For the past few years, this once considered “impoverished” country has been popping up on hotlists everywhere and, thanks to a of new eco lodges, an awesome exchange rate and a new status as ‘the safest country in Central America’, Nicaragua is officially the ” go-to country’ for savvy travelers.



LONELY PLANET named Nicaragua as one of the best in travel for 2015

Wanderlust Magazine

Nicaragua welcomed 545,174 foreign visitors in the first five months of this year, which represents a growth of 8.3 percent over the same period in 2013, according to figures released by the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute, or Intur.

Between January and May 2013, Nicaragua received 503,077 foreign tourists, which means that in the same period this year there was “a substantial increase” of 8.3 percent, the executive president of Intur, Mayra Salinas, told reporters. Ministry of tourism officials claim that 25 percent of all foreign tourists who entered the country in the first five months of this year were from North America, though the greatest number, whose percentage they did not specify, came from Central America.

Salinas said that Nicaragua is positioned as a worldwide tourist destination.


But why it is finally stepping into the spotlight?

There are dramatic volcanic ranges, charming colonial cities and rainforests full of unusual wildlife, hugged by a rugged Pacific coast on one side and white-sand Caribbean beaches and islands on the other.

Former capital city Léon is home to many showpiece buildings – the spectacular cathedral, hundreds of churches and the tomb of celebrated Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darió.



What all the travel magazines are discovering and bragging about is that Nicaragua is a country that has it all! Beaches, Culture, eco-adventures, luxury accommodations, outdoor activities, wildlife, rainforests, volcanoes.

Summing up why you should consider Nicaragua as your next vacation destination..and why its so hot right now?

unspoiled, uncommon, unforgettable


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