Lake-Effect Snow Pounding the Great Lakes Snowbelts



Up to 19 inches of snow has already been measured  east of Lake Ontario in Redfield, New York, as of Monday morning. Parts of Upper Michigan have seen more than 2 feet of  snow over the last couple of days.

If you are a resident of the great lakes area, you are probably accustomed to this type of weather occurrence but you are probably already thinking about places you could be right now to escape the brutal harsh snowstorm heading your way.  Might we suggest Nicaragua?

The last few years have seen the intensity of snow storms increase as the phenomenons known as el niño and La niña interchange each year causing weather patterns to change drastically.

Like all of Central America, Nicaragua has two distinct seasons – dry and rainy. The tropical climate of Nicaragua does not witness significant variations in temperatures.

The dry season is  between January and June when little to no rainfall is seen. The summer begins by March with April and May considered the hottest months of the year,  Generally speaking , entire Nicaragua experiences warm and humid climate, except the central highlands. There are three temperature zones in Nicaragua. In the lowlands (Pacific and Atlantic coast) temperatures vary roughly between 72° F at night and 86° F at daytime (22° C – 30° C). Temperature can reach 100° F in May (38° C).

Right now is the perfect time to think about all the exciting outdoor activities  Nicaragua has, with a vast array of things to do that will suit most tastes and lifestyle. It is a country that boasts a large number of pristine beaches to  enjoy sun tanning, swimming, and a very vibrant surfing community. There are opportunities for deep sea  fishing , Kayaking, scuba diving and snorkeling which are also popular. For something different,  and if feeling adventurous you can even head on up to one one of several active  volcanoes to enjoy more extreme sports.

National Beer

Nature tours are also popular attractions in the largest country in Central America. The diversity of  wildlife and plants is phenomenal and are worth seeing. You can opt for  educational tours such as a reforestation tour,  or simpler ones such as dry forest hikes or a trek through the jungle.  You can walk riverbeds, visit a butterfly farm or even witness the marvel of exotic sea turtles journeying across the sand to lay their eggs. Many attractions can be self guided tours but its advisable to go with a local expert . Tours are available in virtually every part of the country, enabling you to see as much of its natural beauty as possible. Some of the more popular areas are the Mombacho Natural Reserve, the Masaya National Park, the La Flor Wildlife Refuge and the Maderas Volcano Nature Reserve. The Ometepe Island and its neighboring islands also boast incredible wildlife viewing opportunities.

If you prefer the sights and sounds of the city there are a few city tours that might also interest you and give you the opportunity  to learn more about the many colonial  cities their  history and culture of the  Nicaraguan people. There are an array of markets featuring local artisans throughout the country. 

For nature enthusiasts, Horseback riding, mountain biking is another popular activity and is offered at many different locations throughout the country.  Five star spas  offer, among other things, therapeutic massage, delightful meals and a chance to totally leave any hint of cold weather way behind you. Instead of lake effect snow pounding on your windshield, let some sunny warm tropical waters from sunny Nicaragua pound at your toes as you stretch out in the warm sand. Contact us at the León Travel Bureau for more warm ideas.





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