10 Places to share a Kiss in Nicaragua

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Romance is  the top of mind for travelers this month thanks to Valentine’s Day being just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to give you some ideas on unique experiences to surprise your loved one.

No matter where on Earth you visit, no matter what cultures you explore, one thing is certain: We all love! love! love!

Expedia recently decided to delve into traveler opinions about love and the connection between love and travel. The resulting study, the “Expedia Heat Index,” was revealed recently and reveals some super-powerful things about the deep connection between romance and travel. We at the León Travel Bureau would like to suggest some of  our favorite romantic experiences.


  1. Sunset on the beach in Las Peñitas- León
Love on the Beach

A perfect crescent of white-sand beach has long been known as a haven for couples and has been dubbed Lover’s Beach. Nothing is more romantic than a sunset view  stretch of sand and whisper sweet nothings in your lover’s ear.


2. Granada

Located on scenic Lake Nicaragua, Nicaragua’s most beautiful city was founded by  Spanish conquistadors in 1524.


Enjoy stealing kisses in a romantic horse driven carriage as you explore the beautiful colonial city.



3. Little Corn Island
This  island paradise is inhabited by English-speaking Creoles, descendants of Jamaica  It’s located in the Caribbean Sea, 43 miles off Nicaragua’s shoreline. The many coral reefs make it an attractive destination for scuba divers and snorkelers. The  warm crystal green waters is inviting and a must for any romantic experience you wish to plan.

4. A Luxurious Island Ecolodge


The first kiss is never just a kiss, but a beautiful place you get to go to only once

Imagine  exchanging a kiss on your own special island, just the two of you celebrating being together in one of the most romantic places in the world.

5. Ometepe Island


A peaceful oasis and the home of the largest fresh water island in the world, Ometepe is famous for its two volcanoes, Concepcion and Maderas .Ometepe is a paradise for water sports, fishing, bird watching, nature tours and romantic getaways.



If you’re the romantic type who likes islands draped in jungle, surrounded by crystalline waters that reflect the forest, sun and sky, and populated by farmers and fishers who share their wealth and also happen to be terrific artists and craftsmen, you do not want to miss this often overlooked paradise. Rekindle romance with the mind-blowing sunsets and the spectacular starlight skies. Almost forgotten for 500 years, and nearly destroyed in a single day, the Archipiélago of Solentiname should be a favorite romantic destination.

7. San Juan Del Sur

What better way to celebrate love than hand in hand on the beach at a cool horse ranch or soaking up the sun and enjoying each other on an idyllic beach setting. Fall in love again and again.

8. Masaya


What better way to exchange a kiss then  a stunning backdrop of the Laguna De Apoyo from the Mirador de Catarina (Catarina Lookout).

9. Managua


The capital city is a fun place to exchange smooches as you stroll along the malecón of the Salvador Allende waterfront park. Spend a day walking the boardwalk with lots of food and people watching.


10. Pearl Lagoon


If you love romance Caribbean style here you’ll find dirt roads, palm trees, reggae music, and an English-speaking Creole community that fishes the local waters for shrimp, fish and lobster. If your Caribbean dream is painted in turquoise,   a tour of the nearby Pearl Keys will whisk u off to sugar-white beaches that double as turtle hatcheries, and swaying coconut palms that lull you into inner peace.

When you  plan your Valentine’s Day celebration or even just a romantic gift in the future for your special someone remember that experiences make people happier than things!



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