6 Advantages for Americans Living in Nicaragua

1.Financial Power

For places that don’t use the U.S. dollar, it is not unusual for exchange rates to work in favor of Americans, giving you even more buying power. For example, two years ago, one U.S. dollar would get you 25.75 Nicaraguan cordobas, while today, one dollar will get you about 28.10 Cordobas. This means that, all things being equal, your U.S. dollar can now buy about 35% more Cordoba-denominated goods and services in Nicaragua than it could in February of 2014.

2. You’ve Seen Success and Know How it Works

Living in Nicaragua can be an advantage for those who are interested in starting or running a business in places where entrepreneurship and innovation are not as prevalent as in the U.S., and where business efficiency and customer service may still be on a learning curve.  In Nicaragua 50% of the kids that start 1st grade never finish  5th grade. Most Americans that come to live in Nicaragua are educated professionals with college degrees or professional resumes. After having spent many years in the professional workforce these entrepreneurs may have business expertise that doesn’t already exist in the local Nicaraguan economy. They may  be importing fresh perspectives based on their careers and start organizations with structures that improve on local competitors. These businesses don’t have to be enormous in scale.This  is not to say that all American business models will thrive. Success depends as it does throughout the world on the basics: organization, management and the quality of the products and services. However, Americans often possess strong skills and a can-do attitude.

3. Americans and Their Language Are Popular
The U.S. has less than 5% of the world’s population, yet it has an out-sized influence on global business and culture. It is more likely that a local in a foreign country speaks English and knows about at least some American culture than an American knows about that foreigner’s land, let alone speaks another language.  The Best Places in the World to Retire website has found repeatedly that in many places abroad, you don’t even have to speak the local language. You can survive on English alone. Although Nicaragua is a country where English is sparsely spoken in some areas,  a basic command of the Spanish language is necessary.

When you move here, you can expect to open yourself up to all sorts of new opportunities. Doing this is always incredibly inspiring. If you are a creative, the benefits of being inspired in this way will be immediate. Seeing and learning new things on a daily basis will encourage you to create like you have never created before!

If you’re not a creative, you’ll still find this kind of inspiration valuable. You probably won’t be tempted to start a blog or pick up your camera… but you might find yourself dreaming up new business ideas or trying your hand at a new hobby.

Not only does this help you to communicate and fit in easier, but it also gives you an advantage because there are so many people from other countries who are interested in U.S. culture, even predisposed to like Americans. Americans and other expats  often receive exceptional treatment  even in places such as Nicaragua where it would seem more likely for them to be resented.


4. Mobility Factor

Some people come from countries where there is limited opportunity.   In Europe,high youth unemployment, particularly in southern states such as Spain and Greece, has brought people  to the streets in protest for better economic opportunities. The U.S. with its abundant options for living and working offers a good fallback position. If after spending some time in Nicaragua you’ve decided that the lifestyle is just not up to your expectations you have an exit strategy.That is, if you don’t like living in Nicaragua, you can always return.

5. You Can Own Less an do More

When you live in the U.S. it is easy to get caught up in a cycle of endless bills. Things like gym memberships, cable T.V. internet and the latest technologies may seem like vital parts of life . In Nicaragua, they don’t have to be. Living here breaks the cycles of many of those expenses and gives you a new way to spend your money. Expats tend to travel and are explorers by nature. They understand the concept that experiences are much more valuable than belongings. Housing in Nicaragua is a fraction of the cost for similar living arrangements in the U.S.

6. A healthy way to refresh

One of the things that attracts people to the idea of moving overseas is the chance it offers to start afresh. Many people give up stressful jobs, huge social networks and large expenses when they leave the U.S. making your life here a lot simpler and lowering your stress levels significantly. Eating healthier is definitely one of the biggest advantages for Americans looking to live in Nicaragua . 15 percent of the U.S. food supply is imported, including 50 percent of fresh fruits, 20 percent of fresh vegetables and 80 percent of seafood. The majority of the 16% of imports to Nicaragua are tobacco products, livestock and beverages. This means that the majority of food produced in the country is local including about 80% of all fruits,meats, seafood and vegetables. The majority of which can be purchased from farm to table.

Excerpts from Chuck Boletin   http://www.thestreet.com/story/13459029/2/4-advantages-for-americans-living-abroad.ht


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