Before you get to Nicaragaua


Travel offers you  a chance to discover and recover – a way to do things you like doing, in new places and in new ways. It’s also about contributing to the place you visit and appreciating what it has to offer you. The fun starts with the choices. Are you after a roller coaster of an adventure to set your heart pounding? A week of cultural immersion off the beaten track? Or simply the chance to relax, enjoy the sun and reconnect with friends and family somewhere beautiful?



We believe that providing accurate, current and compelling information is the most important thing we can do. It’s no secret we believe strongly in the future of Nicaragua, and that this future can pay remarkable dividends for adventurous, intelligent individuals who know how to collect the facts, analyze them and make decisions. If yo are looking to retire here or relocate or start a business as an investor ,the best way for you to learn more about everything happening in the New Nicaragua is to ask detailed questions, and gather the information you want and need to move forward with your own plans.

Did you know?

Not only do happy tourists spread the word about this destination to their close friends, they also post pictures, blog posts and more via social media. An improved tourism economy means more profits for all kinds of Nicaraguan businesses ranging from hotels and airlines to small boutique shops and beachfront restaurants. Despite civil war,  poverty, political turmoil and a few natural disasters, Nicaragua has emerged as one of the next best places to visit in Central America.

The León Travel Bureau is here to help you take your next big steps. Whether you plan to vacation here or are looking for investment or retirement options, we can help!

Learn about the Nicaragua you never knew existed. Discover a richness and quality of life you didn’t expect. Visit for yourself! Don’t just take our word for it!

The only way to know Nicaragua is to introduce yourself, Come and meet Nicaragua!


Download our free e-book. Guide to Living in León Nicaragua.



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