Nicaragua-Turn your dream life into real life

Maybe this is your story . You have lived for years working from paycheck to paycheck and by most people’s standards you feel you are doing well. BUT, something doesn’t quite feel right.

Having made the leap myself, I now understand why so many people feel trapped in jobs they don’t enjoy. Often it’s because people have misconceptions about the stage they need to get to before it’s ‘safe’ to quit. Your dream lifestyle may not be as far off as you think. I also thought long and hard about giving myself the permission to start living the life I really wanted.

Getting clear on your prioritiesk15434781

An ideal lifestyle is more than a salary: it’s about what you want to experience and who you want to be around, What did I see myself doing on a daily basis that would bring me joy? Did I even have to be living where I was living?


In the 4 Hour WorkWeek, Author Tim Ferriss encourages readers to price out the costs of designing their ideal lifestyle. If you want to live in Nicargaua,  research the living costs in terms of accommodation, food, extracurricular activities, and traveling around the region.


As yourself ”what do you really want?”daydream

 So know that a better lifestyle  means making more money. We make money to have a better lifestyle anyway. So instead of focusing on the big number, let’s think about what an ideal lifestyle would really cost.

What you really want on a day to day basis may not be as costly as you think. For example, I like to travel but I don’t need to take a trip a month. And it’s possible to travel and live abroad more cheaply than to stay put in a major city.

Determine the non-negotiables that you must have in your lifestyle. Then ask yourself whether you can realistically access these in your currently location? Are there any parts of the world where you might be able to access these at a lower cost?


Understand the costs of moving abroad

 A great place to start your  research   is at how much it costs to do the things you love. And how much it would cost to live abroad. Nomad List is a great tool that can help you with lots of basic information about the cost of living. Switching to a low cost destination like Nicaragua  will lower your costs substantially, for example. Nomad List estimates the living cost there to be $917.00 a month.


Be prepared to have less money

The first year of business won’t be easy, and most likely  you probably won’t make the same as your normal salary. Time is an asset to you in your first year of business, because you’ll be immersing yourself in learning new things, figuring out how to market yourself, and what to create. You’ll make mistakes, and you need room to do that.

So the last thing you want to do, is feel pressured to make money right away. Living abroad buys you time. You aren’t spending so much to live, so you can experiment and build your business comfortably.


Envision the details of your new life

Thinking about my ideal lifestyle gave me more motivation for finally making the move. What does your ideal life feel like?  It could be about getting more freedom, or living a more joyful existence. Or getting the ability to create something that is truly your own.

Getting clear on why you want to quit the rat race, and what you want your future to look like will help you to dream bigger. You have to keep those images and feelings alive because they help your brain to imagine the future and make you more likely to follow through on your plans.

Dive below the surface for a scuba or snorkeling adventure… Get up close and personal with howler monkeys… Learn to surf or fish the world class waters of Nicaragua… Accept the challenge – and rewards – of some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world… It’s all yours in Nicaragua.


Imagine what it could be like. No boss. Your time is 100% your own. Pursuing your recreation of choice, surfing, fishing, hiking, bird watching or fine dining are just a few of the ways you can spend your time in Nicaragua. You can have a business and work as much as you want or as little as you choose. Perhaps working less days and taking it easy for a few days a week is more your cup of tea? You can relax in a hammock, tour a coffee plantation, sunbathe, get a massage or enjoy some spa treatments. Let Nicaragua be your personal oyster to open up and discover the riches within.Experience a new world filled with opportunities for creativity, fun, friendship and the opportunity to live the life of your dreams.

excerpts from Lydia Lee Business Creator Coach & Freedom Instigator, Screw The Cubicle


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