10 things to know about marrying a Nica


10 Lifestyle changing facts when you marry a Nicaraguan

Most men who move to Nicaragua,  agree that Nicaraguan women are beautiful which in some cases can turn into a problem. For some reason women who move to Nicaragua are less able to run away with a handsome Nicaraguan stud, but there are a lot that do and return them to their home country to readjust to a new lifestyle.

Generally speaking there are a lot of good Nica husbands and Nica wives around, but a couple things  need to be pointed out so you can all behave accordingly once you plan a romantic relationship with a Nicaraguan male or female.

The biggest thing about marrying a Nica  are the culture differences, unless you’re Nicaraguan yourself. When you marry a Nica, you will run into all kinds of culture shocks that are lifestyle changing facts like:

  1. No sex before you get married, (Mostly applies to Nica women) even though this is changing fast but if you meet one of the real religious one’s, you’re possibly looking at a dry spell.
  2. If you have any drinking or hang out buddies, kiss ‘em goodbye as soon as you get into a serious relationship, jealousy will not allow for anything but your lover’s attention.
  3. Jealousy is going to be a very important part of your future married life. Jealousy can stop you from talking to anyone when in the company of your partner, from doing things that seem totally normal to you but doesn’t to your fiancée, stop you from going to places on your own or even talking on the phone with people your fiancée doesn’t personally know or trust.
  4. Convert to Catholicism. The Catholic Church is the number one religious organization in Nicaragua, so plan on going to confession before you are even allowed to get close.
  5. Being late will be absolutely normal. In Nicaragua if you still insist on being on time for a party, you might catch the host still in the shower because they don’t expect you to be on time. Not showing up at all is also common practice. When you just start dating, this seems to be a standard way of testing your interest and patience.
  6. You might inherit a child, or more than one. Many women (and men) have children at an early age so there is a high chance your mate will have children from previous relationship.
  7. You will be marrying the whole family. That means parents, brothers and sisters and all family down to the 5th generation. Family comes first, second and third. Forget about your privacy for life, unless your in-laws and family live far away.
  8. Be ready to spend  most Holidays with family. Latinos profess strong family values. SO Christmas, Easter and any other important holiday with your in-laws and other family members will be expected.
  9. Think twice about divorcing your Nicaraguan wife/Husband. Especially if you have any children. If you do as a Husband you might be paying through the nose until you kids are 25 years old (if they study). Nicaragua family law is very protective of children.If you are a wife and have any joint a$$ets, be prepared to shell out half of it as Nicaraguan law states spousal assets should be equally divided in case of divorce.
  10.  Nicaraguans are very passionate . As is the case with most latino culture, when  they meet the right person, Latinos turn extremely passionate. The value of giving everything for the other has been ingrained since early childhood. Yuu will find that most often they  always go the extra mile to please their lovers.
  11. Nicaraguan Men are very Machismo!  This has particular relevance to male sexual culture in Nicaragua. In terms of machismo, males have an “expansive and almost uncontrollable” sexual appetite, and it is their right to satisfy that desire in the ways they choose. In contrast, females are seen as an object over which the male has control. Females are expected to have only one sexual partner, none before or outside of marriage  Machismo sexual behavior is a source of pride for  Nicaraguan males and men  prove their manliness by upholding their sexual dominance.

 Relationship Tip: if you’re planning to get into a romantic relationship in Nicaragua,  better be ready to adapt to each other and go through all the culture bumps and understand that both will have to adjust. Marrying into a  family,a different culture, and  Latin traditions..In the end, just remember that, regardless of all cultural differences, love is universal. Dating  and marriage  with the right person has nothing to do with culture; it’s only about personality, chemistry and character affinity.


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  1. Tom Maye says:

    From a guy’s perspective, numbers 1 thru 9 (except for number 8) are negative attributes to marrying a Nica. Maybe best to just have a girlfriend!

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