Live a Stress-Free Life in Nicaragua

If there is a constant thing in this world other than change, that is stress! People are stressed when they are overwhelmed by life’s problems and adversities, when things don’t go according to plan, or when things are just too much for them to bear. According to MedicalNewsToday, anything that poses a threat to a person’s well-being is a stress. Life isn’t perfect and there seems to be stress in the different areas of our lives. However, we are still in full control of our entire being and what we are and what we become. One of the benefits of retiring in Nicaragua is living a stress-free life.

 Nicaragua is simply stunning!

For one,  Nicaragua offers spectacular scenery. Just this one fact  alone can be nurturing for the mind, body and soul. Think of beautiful beaches and gorgeous landscapes. It’s great to wake up to fresh air and a beautiful view every day. There are many places in Nicaragua that offer beautiful scenery and you will be certainly be in for a treat. As you travel all over Nicaragua its magnificent and stunning views  will never fail to brighten up  your day.


Nicaragua has great weather.

Think about those times when an impending snowstorm has caused you to worry. Or when just thinking about shoveling your driveway has brought you stress. In Nicaragua, you won’t be stressed out by the weather because it is  sunny most of the time with rainy days during the wets season from May to October. In Nicaragua’s mountain highlands where people experience spring like temperatures all year, people are comfortably cool and relaxed without expensive utility bills.   Expats from cold countries who have chosen to retire in Nicaragua find that they no longer suffer from cold weather-related health issues.

Nicaragua offers low cost of living and the US dollar is widely accepted.women-and-money.jpg

Money matters have always been known to contribute greatly to stress. Parents need to provide food, shelter, education and a comfortable life to their children. People need and want certain things in life, in addition to the basic necessities, they all require money. There’s that social need as well wherein people need money to be able to go out with friends and be connected with others. In Nicaragua, financial concerns are much less because of the low cost of living. Nicaragua offers great incentives for retirees and entertainment, utilities, and food is affordably priced. As a result, expats living in Nicaragua find that they can afford things that they weren’t able to afford before. They are now able to stretch their budget and even have money left over for savings. A vacation or two every year wouldn’t hurt as well; thus, contributing a lot to one’s overall wellness. In Nicaragua, people are able to do more for less which is just perfect.

Nicaragua  offers lots of outdoor activities.


Why go to the gym when you can go hiking in the rainforest, walk along the beach or go swimming in the ocean? Whale watching!  The breathtaking view alone will most certainly bring a smile to one’s face. Add an outdoor activity to that and the result is a healthy mind and body.  an opportunity for you to enjoy what Nicaragua has to offer. Swimming, kayaking, hiking, mountain climbing, zip-lining and much more – these outdoor activities in Nicaragua will keep you staying fit, healthy and active.  There is always something new to explore in Nicaragua.


Nicaragua has fresh food all year.

Thanks to its rich, fertile soil, Nicaragua grows its own crops; thus, importing food is not necessary. The country is able to provide fresh food for everyone; hence, people living in Nicaragua are able to eat fresh, organic vegetables and meat. Corn is the main ingredient of many  dishes so you will find lots of corn fields in the country.  When it comes to fruits, pineapples, papayas, oranges and mangoes are aplenty. As the saying goes, “you are what you eat”. It is essential to eat fresh and healthy food in order to achieve a healthy body. Having a healthy body greatly reduces stress.


There is a solution to stress…

Many people think that since stress is a constant, nothing can be done about it. Stress comes in many different ways, forms and levels, and while it cannot be avoided entirely, you can do something to alleviate it. Nicaragua can be the answer to a life with less stress. This is one of the benefits of retiring in Nicaragua – the kind of benefit that encompasses many areas of one’s life. With less stress, a healthy, happy life follows. Think of what it can do for you. Do something while you still can. Come to Nicaragua and see how living a life with less stress can be achieved.

The León Travel Bureau can show you what living in Nicaragua could be like!




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