Why you should Consider moving to Nicaragua in 2018

We now live in a world where outside the United States, American retirees, Singles and families with Children are finding that they can live better than they could at home for a whole lot less. In fact, many have reported, they can enjoy a genuinely comfortable, low-stress retirement on their Social Security alone or a modest income from employment online in many cases.  Nicaragua truly has something for everyone. If you’re looking for a better lifestyle free from the high cost of living and you like warm temperatures and Latin culture, Nicaragua should be high on your list

Living comfortably nowadays is relatively hard to do in the United States, where the average Social Security benefit is $1,374 for a retired worker or $2,090 for a couple. And this is of course if you wait for full benefits at retirement age of 65. If you’re looking at retiring on your Social Security check alone in the U.S. or have just a modest amount to supplement it, you’re likely finding yourself living on an incredibly tight budget. Sometimes even having to sacrifice paying for proper healthcare. Oh But even with the current state of healthcare, nothing is covered 100% so you will always have to find the funds to pay for co-payments and other deductibles. Average apartment rentals in most US cities is $800 or more for a 1 bedroom Apartment. So you could easily find yourself with about $100 a month left  for food or othafter paying Healthcare and basic living expenses. You could take that same modest budget here to Nicaragua and you will find here your dollars stretch, and you’ll find you can be free from money stress.


“Boomers living on modest budgets overseas may not be living like royalty, but they’re dining out when they feel like it, they’re benefiting from good-quality healthcare they can afford, they’re no longer living hand-to-mouth. In most cities in Nicaragua, rent for a small apartment runs $300 to $500 and a family-size home runs $700. A month of groceries for a couple runs under $300, including vegetables that cost a fraction of what you’d pay in the U.S. Eating out is cheap too. Lavish dinners with all the trimmings will set you back $20 for 2 people.  And with less stress and better weather, they report a much higher quality of life than they’d have in the United States on the same budget.” no longer feel anxious and worried when I review my finances,”  “It is very comforting to know that I can now occupy my mind with what fun activities I will do daily, rather than how I would try to survive day-by-day if I had stayed back in the U.S a solo retiree with an expensive California condo mortgage to pay for, along with excessive property taxes and increasing monthly homeowners’ association fees.”

Month by month,   many Americans are finding it is becoming harder and harder to live only on a fixed Social Security benefits or retirement pension.  With most employers offering just a few dollars over minimum wage for working  the working class, Most families are asking the question – How can we survive? Something has to change.


Just think of the days you could be relaxing on a rooftop terrace, enjoying views of the stunning surrounding countryside including lush green coffee plantations, sparkling crystal beaches, cosmopolitan cities, and quaint colonial towns.

And retirees are discovering they can stretch their retirement dollars, thanks to a lower cost of living and favorable exchange rate. Obviously, cost of living will depend on what type of lifestyle an expat wants

And maybe we should discuss some of the not so cool things about living here. As far as clothing and consumer goods, prices are more comparable to the United States than they would be in Asia, where taxes and  import tariffs drive prices up in many countries. Cell phones, TVs, and American brand clothing isn’t that much more expensive than it is in the US, if there’s any difference at all.

That said, Nicaragua is a great lifestyle destination for Americans, Canadians, or even Europeans who want cheaper prices and a more western living standard than some of the equally cheap places in South America. Nicaragua is not a perfect place,  but it is a great place to set up shop. Of course you have to do your due diligence to determine whether you want a “city” lifestyle, something in the country, or a place by the water.


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