Moving Abroad with Kids

Moving with kids is tough; they have to leave their friends, their school and the familiarity of their routines behind. By helping them get to know their new town, you may be able to help them with any uneasiness they may experience after moving. You can start helping your kids adjust to a new neighborhood before you even get there.

When  moving with your children to an unfamiliar country it will be reassuring to them that this is a new adventure. One that will love and meet new friends, discover new food and fun places to visit.


It helps to be as specific as possible. Sometimes explaining to your child’s new teacher that they have certain interests and asking if the teacher could pair them with another child with similar interests works wonders.

If your children are too young for school,  spending time outside with them, even in bad weather, so that they are visible to other kids in the neighborhood. Have playground equipment in the yard. Take them on walks.

Another tip: Give your children cameras to take pictures of their old home – as well as pictures of their new home to send to old friends. Levine says this “helps kids makes sense of a move.”

Taking some family rituals with you can help make the new place feel like home. “You can also come up with some new rituals, like pizza in the living room,” Levine says.

Most of all it’s important to be positive and keep your sense of humor. “Don’t always be comparing the old community to the new community in a negative way,” she says. For children of all ages, it’s important to recognize that they need time to grieve. Sure, they can still call and text their old friends after them move, but it won’t be the same as living next door. It’s also important to have some kind of goodbye party, even if you’re moving quickly and there isn’t time to planning anything too formal. Take lots of pictures so the children can still keep memories of their friends with them in their new location.

Once you have moved, it will be important to get them involved in may local activities for kids and as may school events as possible. This way they will quickly integrate into their new lifestyle without too much time left to “grieve” their “old” life.


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