10 Types of Expats-Why Folks move abroad.

10 Types of Expats

  1. The Foreign Assignee: Typically sent to a specific country (often UAE, Brazil, India) by their employers and works a solid 46+ hours per week.
  2. The Career Expat: Often move to countries such as Bahrain, Belgium, China Luxembourg, with work contracts they found on their own.
  3. The Foreign Recruitee: Recruited by local employers from countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman or Bahrain, these expats see their income improve more than other foreign workers.
  4. The (Ex-)Student: These expats generally speak the local language better than other types of expats. They often live in countries such as Greece, Sweden, Argentina, Ireland or Norway.
  5. The Traveling Spouse: Primarily women, this group of expats follow their partner’s job or education and often live in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia,or Switzerland.
  6. The Romantic: Moving for love to Central America, Sweden, Philipines, Malta
  7. The Family Expat: Moved to enjoy life abroad and see a new way of life. Of course, this can also include moving to be closer to your spouses family. These expats often live in countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia.
  8. The “Single Destination” Expat: This type of expat chooses a country and builds a new life there. They are quite likely to settle into the local culture.
  9. The “Greener Pastures” Expat: Many expats move for a better life. There are hundreds of these expats here in Nicaragua.  Sometimes the better life comes from lower cost of living – but other times it’s just the different culture and way of life. Among the countries mentioned, Mexico, Thailand and Costa Rica are also on the list.
  10. The Globetrotter: Many of these expats are just slow-moving world-travelers. And Backpacking the world is one thing – but staying a few months / years in each place sounds much better.



Bryan Haines


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