To truly understand the beauty of this spectacular country, you have to experience it for yourself.

The León Travel Bureau is a company made up by professionals. With years of experience in the tourism business. we know where to find the best the country can offer.  We work efficiently as a team  to be the best advisors for you and your family during the moving process and relocation.

Mission: We believe in the value of traveling to and getting to know Nicaragua. We want to plan and partner with those who are of the same mind and spirit to share Nicaragua’s natural rich assets. We hope that by doing so we will help create a stronger Nicaragua.

keep calm

From pre-planning and total coordination of large scale convention tour programs, to smaller teambuilding activities, we understand that visitors to Leon want to truly experience one of the greatest cities in the world! They will return home with great memories of Leon and their unique event!


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  1. What a great blog, will be adding you to our blogroll! 🙂

    -Quinn & Jon

    1. coolcaroline says:

      Thank you Quinn & Jon, we will do the same!

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